Tips on Selecting a Mattress

Except for other reasons, a good night’s sleep is nothing without that soft mattress on your back again.

A little trivia

Do you realize that an average person spends a 3rd of earthly life sleeping? Sleeping enhances overall personal health, boosts the immune system, aids the reproduction of torn and dying cells and tissues and relieves us of stress and tiredness. However, not many people give a lot of attention within the high quality of their mattresses, your permanent nocturnal companion for the rest of your life.

A mattress is a pad or mat, usually produced of soft materials, that is primarily used for sleeping or just lying. The ancient cave people were known to have used a certain form of mattress. I am sure they were the hardest type!

Arabic word origin

The word mattress is thought to appear from Arabic words which mean “to throw” or “a place where something is thrown”. Ancient Arabs used to sleep on mats thrown around the floor and which practice was brought to Europe and Asia. Nowadays, mattresses are mostly placed on top of another structure elevated from the ground. These structures appear in different components and form. In earlier times, they are usually stuffed with natural supplies, such as a silk and feathers, while modern versions use synthetic components that produce equally comforting effect.

Online products for back pain appear in different variations as to make, form and sizes. Earlier types used straw, silk and soft feathers, although there are still select people who use mattresses stuffed with feathers. These are rather very costly. Modern versions are using air and water. The ancient Persians, as early as 3600 BC, were believed to use goatskins containing water, the precursor of our modern waterbeds. Some use natural fibers, such as in futons, which are mainly using cotton fibers.

Variations; which one do you like?

In terms of created and components used, there are basically three types of mattresses, namely:

  1. Innerspring core mattress – composed of a spring core, foundation and upholstery layers. The metal coils are made of tempered steel coils placed between the insulating skin and the padding. The mattress’ firmness and sturdiness count largely around the number of coils used. The coil serves as the primary support mechanism that bears the weight of the body. More coils easily give way to pressure, whilst those with fewer coils tend to be firm and the mattress feels hard.
  2. Foam mattress – most common and less expensive, compared to other types of mattress. It wholly uses polyurethane foam, latex or viscoelastic memory foam as the primary support. It normally produces the hot sensation, since the more enclosed structure does not “breathe” or allow air circulation. Anyone sleeping on a foam mattress sheds a fairly substantial amount of bodily fluids due to perspiration.
  3. Air mattress – instead of using spring coil to support the body weight, air mattress uses tightly locked air chambers. Cost range varies widely, depending on the materials used and size, among other considerations. In 1980, Comfortaire, as leading maker of mattress, invented the first air mattress with remote control designed to adjust firmness of the air chambers.
  4. Waterbeds – instead of using any other material, obviously this one uses water locked tightly inside between the insulation and the padding. This concept is not entirely new, since, as noted earlier, the ancient Persians were known to have used goatskin stuffed with water as sleeping pads. A unique characteristic, water bed easily adjusts to the shape of the human body and heavier body portions of the body tend to sag deepest. Before choosing to buy a water bed, which is relatively expensive, try first using others if you can comfortably sleep on it.